#4 Versace Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Review

With fashion week speeding by, it gets hard to keep up with all the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Thankfully, runway experts keep us updated with what’s going on overseas through their detailed recaps straight of the runway.
Suzy Menkes, writer at the NY Times, gives us a detailed overview of one of my favorite shows from all the way in Milan. Donatella Versace’s fall/winter 2014 show introduces a new modern glamour that we wouldn’t have recognized from the designer 5 years ago.


The fashion & style writers creative language makes us feel like we are sitting right there; front row at Dinatella’s show.
She gives us examples of silhouette and design with phrases like, the surprising “bias-cut”, “simple dresses”, “glamour gowns”, “military inspired”, “taut jackets” and “pantsuits.”
She describes the details throughout the show from “open seams,” to “sleeves ornamented with embroidery” and the intense image of “heavy metal gilded bracelets,” “decorative over the knee boots,” and “military headwear.” She even gives us the little details of the sprinkled “mighty ‘V’ for Versace” and “‘D’ for Donatella.”
She make us understand the importance of rich color though out the show with her detailed emphasis on “strong color,” especially “bright military red” and “blue!”
Menkes gives us a clearer image of fabric with her description of “bias-cut eventing dresses” and “exotic skin bags.”

Scenes from the Milan Fashion Week photo diary of Sonny Vandevelde.

But what brings it all together is the writers creativejargon” that strings the entire article together and makes it so exciting to read. She uses language like “lavish excess,” “fancy effects,” “flashes of flesh,” “cut work cloth,” and “sexy sprit” to give us a true feel of the rung show. She also adds in words to complement her description of sihluette, design, fabric, and color like “decoration,” “sweeping,” “slithering,” “seductive,” “simple,” and “soft” to give us the true essence of what went down the Versace runway wit season.


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