#10 Miami fashion

I’m reporting from Miami this week and I don’t miss New York one bit. The sun is shinning and the weather is beautiful bringing out everyone’s best beach style. While everyone is dragging around in the rainy NY spring weather, here in MIA we are getting a sneak peek at what we should expect for this summer in NY. From body chains to bright sunglasses this is how a few of my friends chose to shift into Miami style.








#9 New Fashion Show Formats

screen shot from DigitalFashionShows.com / Source: KCD

With the fashions shows pilling up higher and higher each season, KCD, the PR firm that produces shows for top designers is now offering a new service where they produce entirely digital shows and make them easily accessible for exhausted editors and buyers. Stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe tested out the new format this past season. Rather than running around town in the crazy weather with her two kids, Zoe was able to take a break and watch the shows in the comfort of her own bed!
Many designers like Marchesa, Proenza Schouler, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, an Rachel Zoe herself are making their shows accessible by live-stream to the public. KCD’s Digital Fashion Shows, accessible only by password, plan to take the live- stream a few steps further. They are trying to replicate the live show experience as closely as possible through their industry portal with runway footage, behind the scenes peeks, and designer interviews.
The world is changing with all the new technology available and designers need to keep up!

#8 Lookbooks

The lookbook has evolved from a simple way for designers to organize their collection, to a full blown production with a huge set and models styled all the way down to their little accessories.
This season, Barney’s shows us lookbooks from their top designers latest Spring 2014 collections. ChloĆ©, Saint Laurent, and Fendi are just a few of the multi-page designer spreads we can flip through on the Barney’s website.
PLUS, you can shop the lookbook right there by clicking on your favorite pieces.

Each piece in each lookbook is clearly labeled so readers know exactly what they are seeing and where they can shop the looks. We get to see designer pieces styled in a space that really gives us vibe and feeling for that season.
Because Springs is here and the sun is finally out, here’s a look at their Spring 2014 Swimwear lookbook:

They showcase all if the awesome pieces they will be carrying this spring and make us dream about the going to the beach. From sunglasses, to beach bags, to caftans, to bikinis, Barney’s surly has us covered!
Check out all the spring 2014 lookbooks Barney’s has for us here: